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Friendly shoes for your children’s feet


Our shoes are items of footwear intended to protect the not yet fully developed feet of your child from the external environment (unfavourable weather conditions and hard surfaces providing no shock absorption). They support and guide motor activity structures and mechanisms both of the feet and of the entire body. In case of foot deformities, Aurelka® shoes assist in rehabilitation, supplementing treatment.


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AurelkaORTO®  Orthopedic footwear

Take care of your health Your child is the best orthopedic footwear available on the market. As a valued manufacturer of children's footwear, we propose orthopedic shoes for children AurelkaORTO® made only from the highest quality materials. Thanks to this, in addition to the advantages of a relationship with taking care of health are characterized by high durability. At the same time meet all the required norms and norms of the European Union. We treat all orders individually, adjusting to the customer's requirements.

Healthy shoes
for your child

The proposed orthopedic slippers for children in our offer are the perfect footwear for your child. The wide range of slippers offered makes it an ideal product for both home and pre-school use. In addition, they optimally adapt to your child's feet and effectively correct the defects of the lower limbs. Our orthopedic slippers for children ensure proper development of your child's feet. We have models designed for use with correction inserts and those that are adapted to orthopedic modifications. The wide range of products we offer makes every parent choose the right type of footwear for their child.

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