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For over 15 years, we have been specialising in the production of preventive and orthopaedic footwear for the youngest. Treating children’s health as our priority, we strove to achieve ever higher levels of adaptation to their needs, which resulted in our decision to establish the AurelkaORTO® brand.

This line of orthopaedic products was created in line with the recommendations of orthopaedists and physiotherapists. The basis for our models are the designs provided in our catalogue, which incorporates the latest market trends. Hence, even a child who requires footwear with advanced correction features does not need to feel uncomfortable in the company of their friends — instead they may feel pride at wearing our footwear.

Each pair is custom-made on an individual order with regard of the orthopaedic recommendations, as well as a precise measurement of the child’s foot. Customers can choose from our offer covering over a dozen corrections. However, when the need arises, we are capable of meeting even the most specialised and atypical orders.

Additionally, AurelkaORTO® brand provides orthopaedic insoles, Denis Browne splints, as well as footwear for orthoses with an open heel and a Velcro closure. We constantly endeavour to expand our knowledge on ways to ensure the health of children’s feet.

We regularly participate in medical symposia. At our shops, both those owned by our company and by our partners, we perform free of charge periodic foot tests for children. Realising that not every parent may have access to a good orthopaedist, we have recently launched a programme on our website which provides them with an opportunity to have on-line consultations with an orthopaedic traumatologist specialising in physiotherapy.

The design of our shoes is based on many years of cooperation with Polish and Austrian orthopedics doctors.

We specialise in custom-made personalised footwear.

We are able to meet the requirements of even
the most demanding customers.

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