Shoes for Your kids

About us


A small, family-owned, Polish company EL-BUT has been specializing in the production of Aurelka preventive and corrective footwear for 15 years.

The company's tradition, however, goes back to the 1930s, when the grandfather of the founder of the EL-BUT company was a known shoemaker making footwear for individual orders. It can be said that history has come full circle and now my grandson is continuing his grandfather's work, producing footwear at the customer's request with the help of modern machines.

Mr. Mariusz, privately father of 3 daughters, claims that the decision to create the Aurelka brand was a breakthrough for his company, because it required very large logistical changes, which is not easy in the case of the production of individual footwear on such a large scale. As a result, he met all parents who have the opportunity to match selected shoes to the feet of their child.

Changes can be of different kinds. The smallest ones are: choosing your own coloring, skin type and soles, tenacity, and also mounting various correction elements on the doctor's recommendation. The structural changes are even more serious if the customer needs such footwear. The production team tries to hide all corrections as much as possible.

Employees satisfaction is the most satisfaction for children, who despite serious disadvantages can wear shoes that do not differ from their peers' shoes.

Our philosophy


Our footwear has the task: to protect the unformed child's feet from the external environment (adverse weather conditions and hard, unrecorded ground). Support and motivate the individual structures and mechanisms of the motility of both the feet and the whole organism. In the case of foot defects, Aurelka footwear is intended to support rehabilitation activities. It is a complement to treatment.

We are for the children's footwear to be unprepressed in the middle, without support under the longitudinal arch. Thanks to this we give the foot the possibility of arching the longitudinal arch. We do not "lazy" ligaments, tendons and muscles, which are responsible for proper support of the foot arch. Such a construction also gives the possibility of installing an insert, if necessary.

For each pair we attach padding inserts that improve the comfort of use, without interfering with the motility of the foot. Sponge gives additional softness and cushioning in the heel area and additional support of the heels, especially those leaner.

The entire collection has been designed
in accordance with the guidelines and in cooperation
Polish and Austrian orthopedic doctors.