Shoes for Your kids


The following opinions were issued by doctors who deal with children's feet on a daily basis. Thanks to their knowledge, which they use in practice, they can check and evaluate the prophylactic and corrective action of our footwear.


The mark of a HEALTHY FOOT is a sign of good footwear, securing the proper development and functioning of the child's foot. Footwear marked with a "Healthy Foot" mark is made correctly in terms of design and construction, technology and materials, and aesthetically created. The mark of a HEALTHY FOOT is awarded to footwear for children under the age of 15. The right of usage of the HEALTHY FOOT mark is given by a Committee of Experts on Children's Shoes operating at the Department IPS in Krakow, who confirm their decision with a certificate. The evaluation of footwear is made by an orthopedist, an anthropologist, a shoe designer, a process engineer and a material expert. Footwear producers and importers can apply for the certificate. The right of using the HEALTHY FOOT mark does not give direct financial benefits but does help the producers to promote their products, and for parents provides information that shoes with that mark are adapted to the requirements of children's feet.