Shoes for Your kids

Model 1011 BOA®


Shoes designed for use during autumn and winter as well as on cool spring days. They provide children with comfort of use during the summer and ensure proper development of your child's feet.

Material: Leather: suede, nubuck, grain; Insulation: The fur of sheep, membrane Te-POR
Warranty: warranty 2 years.
Yellow foot Vibram Medical product Te-POR Poland BOA®
Available color versions *
1011 BOA<sup>®</sup>/01

Model 1011 BOA®/01

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1011 BOA<sup>®</sup>/02

Model 1011 BOA®/02

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1011 BOA<sup>®</sup>/03

Model 1011 BOA®/03

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1011 BOA<sup>®</sup>/04

Model 1011 BOA®/04

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1011 BOA<sup>®</sup>/05

Model 1011 BOA®/05

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