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Model 1033

Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis 

Recommended for children with lower limb paresis (often accompanied by muscle or muscle group contractions) and for people with permanent feet deformities. It provides an alternative for separately ordered orthoses and orthopaedic shoes.

The use of the proper orthoses and orthopaedic footwear is essential for tilting patients to the erect position and for their learning to walk. Orthoses available in the Polish market are always used with orthopaedic footwear. Usually, the orthosis and the footwear are manufactured by separate producers, hence the end result deviates from the optimised solution the patient requires. The closure of the orthosis may be misaligned in the shoe, the closure and shape of the shoe may overload some elements of the orthosis, while repeated inserting of a rigid orthosis may result in damaging the shoe. There tends to be no prior opportunity to check whether both elements work well together while walking. 

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Advantages of Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis:

  • a single producer is responsible for correct manufacturing of the orthopaedic equipment, thus limiting the waiting time;

  • the problem with doubled closures of orthoses and footwear is eliminated;

  • BOA® closure system enables the patient or attendants to put on the shoes with greater ease;

  • at the final stage of manufacturing, during gait test on the ground, one may assess the improvement in walking efficiency (the load on the feet, the position of the pelvis and torso); if necessary, further adjustment can be made with the application of properly chosen heels fitted into the outsole to ensure broader improvement; 

  • it provides an opportunity to determine the level of shortening of the lower limb and to provide the right alignment (without Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis it proves difficult in the case of reoccurring contractions of the ankle, knee or hip joints)


Material: Leather: nubuck, grain
Yellow foot Vibram Medical product Poland BOA®
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